Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009 - From An Interview With Nomi

From an interview with Klaus Nomi.

Interviewer : It was said about you that you were either the 8th wonder of the world, or a tragic accident of the nature. What do you think of this definition?

Klaus : oh it's wonderful, it's extraordinary. I hope it's true.

Interviewer : Why are you hiding behind this make-up?

Klaus : I'm not really hiding, I'm showing out, because the way I am it's hard to look like a normal person. You know, in the streets, when I was a kid, people always said I looked strange, and it made me feel very unhappy. And all of a sudden I go on stage, and people like me for that ; but as soon as I'm outside, I feel like I have to hide, because people laugh at me, because of the way I look. Now I'm using this look, it works for me, I even exagerate it. I used to hide my large forehead, but now I'm selling it.


dapper kid said...

It's wonderful to see that he took something he was made to feel negative about and turned it around. How empowering :) And you are down on the project list!

Robbie Delon said...

Haha, thanks. I can't wait.