Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009 - Dapper Kid

Dapper Kid's blog is one that I enjoy reading. It's a rich source of information and imagination all wrapped in one. His writing along with supplying us with knowledge, makes us wonder. So for my 'literature and music day' (refer to first post) today, I thought I would read his blog and find a few of my favourite paragraphs from his blog posts.

1. "We are forced to grow up far too soon, and we quickly forget the innocence and wonder of our days of childhood fantasy. But what happens to these seemingly immortal fairy tales as we forget day by day?

Perhaps their world falls slowly into ruin, decaying as our memory of its beauty is erased callously by age. They grow decrepit, silently wishing and hoping we would just remember. They cling on helplessly, clawing away at their cramped niches in the deepest and darkest recesses of our minds. They dare not even let out a whisper, lest we take notice and violently shrug them off in our ostensible maturity. They wish we would bring even the smallest of lights into their world and, even if only for moment, allow them to be beautiful again."

2. "The sea is a being which has inspired writers, poets, artists and indeed humanity since time began. It is said to have no memory, nor has it any loyalties. One may treat it with respect for a lifetime, yet in one moment, it may choose to drag one violently down into its silky darkness, only to return instantly back to its deceiving calm.

It is a place where one can become anyone they seek to be, and indeed it has long attracted those wishing to forget their past. It is both a means of life and fortune, but yet it remains unlucky for even those who have spent their lives enraptured by its mysterious allure. One can seek to understand the ways of the sea, yet after a lifetime it is still as impenetrable as it was the day when one first set eyes upon its glistening surface."
3."Whilst seated in a deceptively cushioned chair, which after the first half hour begins to feel as padded as a seat carved out of solid marble, your mind begins to wander down the many diverging pathways of your thoughts and memories. You begin to take a closer look at your surroundings, you begin to imagine things, and you allow your thoughts to be free."

4."Fashion is not about just looking beautiful, rather it is about feeling beautiful.
It is a unique experience for us all, that delves into our emotions, insecurities and creativity. It is in its rawest form, the material extension of our selves."

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