Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009 - On Warhol's Films

In the beginning Warhol's films mainly concentrated on the simplest proceedings and events : Sleep (1963) was his six hour film debut and shows a sleeping man while the camera slowly moves over individual parts of his body. Actually the film consists of only 20 minutes, the rest being repetition of the first sequence, repeating the technique of his silkscreen pictures. Empire (1964) presents an eight-hour view of Manhattan''s pride, The Empire State Building, photographed from the 44th floor of the Time-Life building. The film portrait of Henry Geldzahler shows the art connoisseur smoking a cigar- for 100 minutes.
He claimed that one could do more while watching his films than when watching other films : one could eat and drink, smoke, cough and look away and then look back again and always find that everything was still there.

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