Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009 - Patrick Mohr

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noble beeyotch said...

The make-up is unique...and the last model...he is kinda scare!

Anyway, Thanks for the wonderful long comment....I am from Chhattisgarh, Cental India. I read on dapperkid's blog that you are from do you live there? (Yes, i found you through his blog since you are on the 'around the world' list below me) are actually interested in law?....seems and law don't mesh though....can be difficult for mesometimes.

You say that the current crop of indian menswear designers is disappointing, but so is the menswear fashion market here. Do you actually think Indian men bother enough about their getup to think of fashion? (Although you may be a welcome exception! )