Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009 - Odd Socks?

Leopard patterned socks? Too much? Too cheesy? Too weird? Too odd? Many negative comments and questions come to mind, when thinking about something that isn't necessarily acceptable or that which isn't exactly popular or trendy at the moment or has never been. The trick is to see the beauty of an object that has been considered negative by many people or the majority. We would never have had half the major menswear ideas or details we have now if designers didn't look at something with a different view. We would not have sheer, lace or florals on men. Menswear would still be considered boring and would have been far far away from womenswear. Here I admire Flaunt Magazine for adding leopard patterned socks to their editorial Sunday Morning and for making us think and reconsider the said object of clothing.

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Ca said...

I love leopard print, haha. It's tacky but fun, playful and daring. A bit racy too so it shoulnd't be pushed too far. Mostly a problem in women's wear with revealing dresses and such, but in men's socks I'm all for it! The louder the better and just as long as they complement the rest of the outfit.